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EHPs Internship program offers students or professionals interested an passionate about the opportunity of work with highly dynamic, hands-on and experienced team of healthcare, water rural development, impact and operations professionals focused on creating a planned social change and thus improving the lives of those at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Internship opportunities result from EHPs current and long-term needs as a pioneering, evolving organization in the social business enterprise space, as well as the prospective candidates’ learning and professional goals. Internship opportunities are generally focused on – Social Marketing, Supply-Chain Management, IT-based applications, Action-Research, Healthcare Modelling. EHPs Internship Program seeks candidates with clear intent / purpose of contribution & self-enrichment, self-motivation, unconventional & innovative thinking and multi-analysis skills.

To apply, please submit your detailed CV along with a covering letter on your intern interests to careers@ehealthpoint.com

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