This drinking water has been a boon to us in the village

Amrit Lal, Kotkapura, Punjab

Joint pains have gone away since we have started using eHP’s water

Gurmeet singh, Khote Kaur singh, Punjab

We are now getting safe water at our doorstep and we need not spend time to fetch water

Rajesh kumar , Fazilka, Punjab

The water is very clean and tasty

Baljeet Singh, Goniana, Punjab

We are thankful to ehp as we are now drinking chilled water through chiller being available at waterpoint.

Jasveer, Goniana, Punjab

Teh Paani Achcha Aur Saaf hai, isko peek eek taazgi mahsoos hoti hai (This ehp water is good and clean, we feel better and refreshed after drinking it)

AK Sharma, Lal Pared Groound, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Ehp neelu chaana ruchi ga undi (ehp water is very tasty)

Srinivas, Kampasamudram, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh