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    E Health Points (EHP) are units owned and operated by Healthpoint Services India (HSI) that provide families in rural villages with clean drinking water, medicines, comprehensive diagnostic tools, and advanced tele-medical services that bring a doctor and modern, evidence-based healthcare to their community. The E Health Point concept builds upon and combines proven models to achieve unique synergies and efficiencies that have the potential to transform rural healthcare and improve wellness, productivity, and quality of life.

    The EHP Social Business Enterprise Model aptly demonstrates:

    Democratizing Healthcare:
    Providing high quality healthcare and safe drinking water services to communities without any discrimination on basis of gender-caste-social status: economic status.

    Social Impact:
    Direct Social Impact through providing underserved rural & peri-urban communities with greater access to high quality health-care and safe drinking water services resulting in better health & well-being, enhanced productivity and improved standard of living. Also providing alongside, multiple opportunities for employment generation in the local areas.

    The EHP model is a sustainable social business enterprise with high degree of economic returns for the beneficiary communities.

    Growth Potential:
    The EHP social business enterprise model has high potential for being replicable / scalable and thereby qualifies to be of immense value and interest to public sector organizations, corporate social responsibility organizations, social investors and mainstream venture investors and financial institutions.

    The EHP Social business enterprise effectively combines and leverages benefits of the existing and emerging technologies in the Health , Water & ICT domains with an objective to enhance affordability and quality in its products and services offerings.

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