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    e-HealthPoint (eHP) delivers improved health & productivity to low income – rural & small town communities in India via clean drinking water facilities

    JALDOOT – Entrepreneurial Safe Drinking Water Delivery Model:

    Jaldoot MODEL innovatively addresses challenges in the water sector such as access to Safe Drinking water and Reliability of access and create an effective alternate water delivery model via empowering women through long term sustainable employment through a uniquely designed entrepreneurial format.

    • Through this , Jaldoot develops a highly reliable and responsive supply chain to affordable expand access to safe drinking water and distribute goods and services thereby reducing the exploitation of BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) during the traditional transactional system.
    • Create a cadre of women entrepreneurs from the BoP( currently lacking the necessary resources) thereby bringing them into mainstream and closing the social & economic gap.
    • Reduce health burden on government as well as add to social productivity and social integration
    • Jaldoot uses indigenously technology solutions for achieving these objectives in a sustainable and equitable manner for the low income and rural communities

    Automated Water Dispensing to Buyer

    • Quality water as per W.H.O /BIS drinking water guidelines
    • Users can get drinking water anytime (24x7), without any operator dependency
    • High end automation of the entire Water kiosk , easily scalable
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Data tracking for consumption per user/per family

      Smart Cards/RFID Cards for :

    • School children
    • Slum Dwellers
    • Government officials

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